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The Consulate of Italy in Karachi informs that from the 10th August 2020 the visa section will start issuing Study Visas (only through Gerry’s) 051 8439345.

Pre-enrollment requests must be submitted online through the UNIVERSITALY portal except Foreign and Vatican Universities.
Once you have pre-enrolled on the portal and uploaded the documents required you will receive an email telling you if you are admitted or not and if you need a Declaration of Value (DOV) LINK

Only after completing the pre-enrollment process, it will be possible to request an appointment at Gerry’s to submit documents for the DOV or for the Visa if you already have such document.

As a mere indication, a checklist of the documents required for submitting the visa application is available at the FOLLOWING LINK

Please note that for the purpose of issuing the visa, regardless of the University requirements, a declaration of value could be required by the Consulate.

Please be aware that we could call you for an interview.

The issuing of the visa does not imply the academic recognition of the qualifications and the eligibility for enrollment, which remains the exclusive competence of the Universities. The Consulate can always decide to reject a visa application if a migration risk is assessed.

Any further updates will be published on the website of this Consulate