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The Consulate of Italy would like to remind you that this Consulate has no agreement with any Travel Agencies nor Intermediate Consultants.
Applicants are free to organize the journey with a travel agent or to ask and intermediate consultant to prepare your documents for a student Visa, but they should avoid paying any subject that guarantees the issuing of the visa: that final decision is always taken by the Consulate of Italy.
If any intermediate requests you money for the guaranteed issue of a visa, kindly report the case at the following address:
Following are the visa fees according to the National and the European rules for every trimester:
Schengen Visa “Short Stay” Tourist/Business/Invitation = 8120/- (‎€ 60,00)
National Visa “Long Stay “= 15690/- (€ 116,00)
Student Visa “Long Stay”= 6770/- (€ 50,00)
The Gratis visas are decided by the Conventions of the Italian State and certain International Organizations based in Italy however, the applicants will pay the fees to Gerry’s and will be returned at the time of the passport collection.
The only outsourcing authorized by the Consulate to receive payments for visa applications, with a contract approved by our Foreign Ministry, is Gerry’s FEDEX.
The service charges of Gerry’s as per contract are the following:
Schengen Visa “Short Stay” Tourist/Business/Invitation = 4060/-
National Visa “Long Stay “= 4060/-
Student Visa “Long Stay”= 4060/-
Kindly note that the Consulate receives just the above mentioned amount from the applicants: the rest amount paid are the services charges of Gerry’s .
Below are the contact details and address of our authorized outsourcing agency .
Italy Visa Application Centre
Bahria Complex IV, 4th Floor,
Main Chaudhary Khaliq UZ Zaman Road. Gizri, Clifton,
Helpline phone number: +92 51 8439345
Helpline email ID: