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The Consulate of Italy does not have a translation office but can only certify the confirmation of the Italian translation of the documents written in English.
These documents are requested by the Law for the Italian Citizens for certain procedures in Italy such as updating the Civil Status (birth certificates, marriage, divorce, death) or, as regards the Pakistani citizens, the certificates required for family reunification or requests for Italian citizenship.

The translators accredited by the Consulate of Italy are:
- Mr Arif Ashiq Tel 0301 227 78 31
- Mr. Farhan Siddiqui - tel. 0300 266 11 04
- Mr. Hussain - tel. 0300 923 15 17

If the original document is in Urdu language it must be translated first into English and then into Italian. It is necessary to deliver the certificate in Urdu language with both translations, from Urdu to English, from English to Italian at the Consulate.

Before lodging the translations to the Consulate the signature of the translator must be legalized by the MOFA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Camp Office of Karachi.


Any other documentation more technical or necessary in Italy for purposes other than those mentioned above, must be translated into Italian only by specialized translators accredited in Italy.
For judicial or commercial matters you can contact accredited translators at the Italian courts, which keep special lists.