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Documents Required for “BUSINESS VISA”

Note : Applications will only be considered if typed in capital letters and completed by

1) Application form with three color recent passport size white back ground photographs.

2) Letter from the applicant addressed to the Visa Officer to this Consulate.

3) Proof / Nature of work in Pakistan : 

  1.  Salary evidence if dependent
  2.  Proprietorship deed or partnership deed if owner or partner of a company
  3.  In case of owner / partner of the Company the applicant have to show
    (Proprietor d) 
          Deed or Partnership Deed documents).

4) Company Profile duly filled in each part, signed and stamped by the owner / proprietor of the company.

5) Inscription to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or to any other Governmental Association.

6) Certificate to :
    Company’s Registration with the Registrar of Companies 
    Export / Import Registration with the Export Promotion Bureau

7) Documentary evidence of business relationship (copies of invoices, shipments, correspondence)

8) Invitation on company/organisation letterhead detailing identity of person invited (name, position), purpose of visit (e.g. meetings, conference, factory visits); dates and itinerary;

9) Certificate of inscription of the Italian Company to the competent “ Camera di Commercio”,

In case of participation in commercial fairs: entry tickets and/or stall booking with payment receipt; or

in case the trip is intended for media reportage, copy of press card, letter of sending media organisation detailing purpose of the trip and name of journalist (s) or, for free-lance journalists, evidence of professional activities;

10) Personal income tax documentation of last 2 years and (in case of the owner or member of the Pakistani company), Company Income tax documentation for last 2 years.

11) Personal / Company’s Bank Statement of the last 6 months.

12) Sufficient financial funds for the duration of the visit abroad (cash, traveler cheques, credit cards or bank allowance stamped on the passport) must be provided to this office as well as to the Frontier Authorities in Italy, who might refuse the entry if the above mentioned financial requirements are not supplied.

13) Travellers Accident & Hospitalisation (Sickness) Policy. (coverage 30.000 Euro)

14) Flight reservation of air ticket (return or round trip) from/to Pakistan and the Member  State of destination;

if trips include several stops in the territory of the Member States, reservations of intra-Schengen itinerary (train, flights, car rental);   

15) Reservation of accommodation for the entire duration of the stay in the territory of the Member States (hotel, aparthotel, holiday home, camping, youth hostel);  or

if residing with family, friends and sponsor, proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation. Some Member States may require the proof of sponsorship or private accommodation to be submitted as per relevant official forms in use (c.f. website of the Member State(s) of intended destination);

16) Photocopies of first four pages of passport and all current and previous visited countries visas (bring all current and previous passports at the day of visa interview).


Important Note Polio vaccination certificate is compulsory for all kinds of short stay visas. 

Do not present any paper other than those requested.


Italian companies wishing to invite Pakistani nationals for business reasons are kindly requested to write the invitation letter in Italian, using standard form (Business Visa Invitation letter) for the issuance of the appropriate visa.
Visa applicants shall present letters of invitation, together with all required attachments, along with the remaining documentation requested for visa application.
Companies are kindly required to refrain from sending to the Consulate of Italy in Karachi by separate fax or e-mail invitation letters or any other documents. They are advised to check with their Pakistani counterparts whether they have regularly submitted to the Consulate or one of the authorized drop bones their Visa Application accompanied by all necessary documents.

The Consulate of Italy in Karachi may request additional documents for any incomplete Visa application.  Should the supplementary documents not be provided within eight days from the request the visa will be rejected.

- Business Visa invitation letter

Those who come from Afghanistan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syrian Arab Republic - both residents of the aforementioned countries or persons who have stayed there for more than four weeks - must be in possession of the international polio vaccination certificate attesting that they got vaccinated against polio between 4 weeks and 12 months prior to travel date. The submission of the aforementioned document in the Visa application for Italy is an additional eligibility requirement both for issuing the Visa and crossing the external borders.